Wicked Jazz Sounds

Saxophonist, live musician, band member of the Wicked Jazz Sounds band

This collective from Amsterdam was established in 2002 and it has gradually evolved from a party organisation into a musical platform. A family of music lovers, musicians and DJs who follow their musical passions. Living with and making music. Wicked Jazz Sounds is a proponent of jazz in the broadest sense of the word. They see it as the source of inspiration for a multiplicity of other types of music. That explains why they also see funk, soul, hip hop, disco, drum & bass, latin and even house as their musical foundations. They take their inspiration from the latest dance floor hits and music from old heroes. Wicked Jazz Sounds organises a club night at the Sugarfactory every Sunday. A range of DJs and live musicians play here and everything is about music in the moment, without preparation and based on spontaneous improvisation. Since 2016, Wicked Jazz Sounds has also had its own festival at the NDSM in Amsterdam.